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STIVENT INDUSTRIE®, recognised expert in the fields of suction, filtration and dust extraction

For manufacturers, guaranteeing the quality of the ambient air on their production site, it means meeting the main requirements of their business line, which are:

  • Working conditions

Ergonomics of the workstation (fight against MSD) and prevention of risks (respiratory disorders, cancers, allergies) linked to the exposure of dust, fumes and solvents as indicated by CARSAT and INRS.

  • Manufacturing quality

Implementation of processes to meet quality, productivity, and industrial performance requirements.

  • Environment

Waste recovery with an increase in the recycling rate of materials.

To respond to these issues, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® designs and manufactures equipment designed to treat a number of particles, such as:

  • gas - aerosols including paint, glue, solvent, insecticide, perfume
  • fumes - vapours
  • dust/materials including solders, wood chips, aluminium, chocolates, cereals, starch, coal, plastic, abrasives, etc
  • oil mist, paint, etc


Thanks to its industrial know-how and experience, today the company is one of the leaders and is recognised as a key player in industrial air treatment equipment: suction, filtration and dust extraction.

Through designs and installations, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® has acquired and developed in-depth knowledge in demanding industries, notably for aeronautics, wood, metallurgy, agri-food, etc. We offer global solutions in terms of aeraulic equipment that meet standards, but also technical, ergonomic and productivity issues in these industries.



According to the type of pollutant and its source, find out the customised and/or standard solutions to meet all your requirements for industrial extraction, filtration and dust extraction.

For treatment in explosive environments, the equipment meets the ATEX standard.


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