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Design department

In the aeronautics, wood, automotive, metallurgy and food industries, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® recognised as a benchmark in the manufacture and installation of industrial air treatment equipment.

STIVENT INDUSTRIE®, a benchmark in the manufacture and installation of industrial air treatment equipment, accompanies you in your projects with complete independence. Whether it is for the management, optimisation, deployment or creation of new ventilation systems, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® teams rely on the expertise of the design office.

The Design Office is the “brain” stage in the entire production process.
All of its missions are aimed at improving the quality of service, reducing manufacturing costs, and complying with regulations.


By working with STIVENT INDUSTRIE® you will discover the adaptability and responsiveness of the design office.

Our methodology?  Starting from your specifications, the design office defines the diagram of your installation: the operating principle, the recommended equipment(s), the plans, the installations and the connections to be made.

Depending on the calculated technical characteristics, the design office offers the most suitable machine, workstation layout, or overall installation starting from STANDARDS products from the STIVENT INDUSTRIE® range. They will then be adapted, boosted, transformed, optimised and equipped with various options, etc., to meet your technical or human constraints (available space, location of your premises, physical characteristics of your agents, etc.).

The design office, whose methods and experience are widely proven, offers you possible alternatives or solutions which save time on the study part and therefore financial gain, which is always appreciated.


To meet the level of requirement and quality which is essential in the industry applications, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® offers:

Proven and reliable standard products, the results of many years of experience.

Standards with many possible options from listening to and supporting clients in many industrial settings.

Reliable technical standards are continuously enriched by listening to clients, the primary source of inspiration for developments. In our spirit and corporate culture, at STIVENT INDUSTRIE® we go so far as to evoke the CLIENT Team, as we would speak about our technical teams or logistics teams… The client and his request are perfectly integrated into our development/operation scheme.


To help you in the continuous maintenance control of your installations, we put at your disposal tools and methods, sources of tranquillity. Indeed, for many years and after the realisation in 2017 of a “client feedback” analysis campaign (even with our oldest clients with equipment over several generations) it was obvious that such a service should be established.

Perfectly focusing on regulatory and technological monitoring, the design office complies with all the recommendations of CARSAT, INRS, ATEX standards and regulations and many more, etc., without ever losing sight of the competitive price proposal and without intermediary.

All our air treating machines are subjected to flow input/output simulations and are modelled in 3D. 

The design office's ambition is to develop ever more ergonomic, efficient, and innovative equipment. This approach is rewarded by our collaborations with the largest French and international industrial groups.

For any question on industrial dust extraction or request a quote, contact us on (+33) 05 49 50 41 91 or via our contact form.

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