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The maintenance of an industrial dust extraction installation is an important and mandatory step to maintain performance and guarantee the protection of people, environment and equipment. It is essential for the proper operation of your production. 

This is why we include in our services the possibility of taking out a personalised maintenance contract for your suction, capture, or industrial dust extraction equipment. This partnership allows you to reduce your maintenance costs, ensure the optimal and sustainable performance of your installations, reduce downtime while saving energy.

Our expertise in the field of air cleaning allows us to ensure the monitoring of your aeraulic equipment. We therefore suggest that you carry out preventive maintenance on your installation once a year as defined by the decree of October 9, 1987.

As such, we examine the general condition of your entire filtration suction network: piping, cyclone, the filter, its filter elements and its cleaning system, fan (turbine, belts if fan has pulley/belt transmission), accessories and associated sensors (locks, worm, feelers, pressure switches), etc.

We also suggest that you carry out an annual check of the air speeds present in the piping network. This check has been compulsory since October 8, 1987.  Thus, we guarantee the proper operation of your installation year after year with the sense of service that characterises our client relationship.

We insist on the preventive nature of our interventions. Indeed, in the event of an injunction by the labour inspection services, we no longer have intervention authority, the control will then have to be ensured by a certifying body.


STIVENT INDUSTRIE®, expert in aeraulic solutions, supports you throughout the life of your equipment and installations.

As such, we offer:

  • Putting into service.
  • A personalised preventive maintenance contract.
  • Audits of general condition your entire filtration suction network with recommendations for optimising your installation.
  • The annual check of the air speeds present in the piping network, mandatory since 1987.
  • The sale of original spare parts for repairing equipment (belts, filters, solenoid valves, actuator, etc.)

Choosing the STIVENT INDUSTRIE® maintenance offer means planning your aeraulic installation serenely and in compliance with legal guidelines.

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