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During welding, grinding and thermal cutting operations, operators are exposed to health risks linked to the generation of vapours and fumes. This welding fume can not only cause health problems, but also affect the quality of production. 

Whether for electric welding, arc welding with coated or gas electrode, in an active or inert atmosphere, manual rod welding, grinding or deburring, plasma arc cutting or laser beam, all these processes generate pollutants harmful to health and the environment, which must be captured at the source and sent to collectors.

This is why, STIVENT INDUSTRIE® designs and develops filtration, capture and suction systems which preserve the health of workers and comply with the regulations and standards in force.

This equipment is designed to:

  • Extract welding and thermal cutting gases and fumes
  • Collect chips
  • Ventilate
  • Collect and filter the oil mists

Depending on the applications, our equipment can help you pick capture as close as possible to the source or it can be mobile.


According to the type of pollutant and its source, find out the customised and/or standard solutions to meet all your requirements for industrial extraction, filtration and dust extraction.

For treatment in explosive environments, the equipment meets the ATEX standard.



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