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Mobil filter unit




® has designed and developed a mobile or non-mobile suction product to improve working conditions for the workstation, with a control panel and filter monitoring. 

The filter unit has been designed to individually capture the fumes and dust generated by applications where adaptability and flexibility are priorities.

ATEX construction (94/9/CE).

Personal Protection and Performance, no dust escapes it with its 0.5 m/s of air speed and 1100 m3/h of flow associated with an upward air discharge.

High filtration, 2 stages F7 and H13 (H14 on request) for filtered air at 99.9%.

Convenience, mobile or non-mobile, it is designed to work in direct connection to a machine, workstation or for capture via an articulated arm Ø160. 

Mobile, thanks to its 4 wheels it will easily find its place in your workshop.

Reliability and longevity, immediate reading of the saturation rate of the filters thanks to the inclined column manostats. Solution proven with industrial grade components, a product designed to last.

Silent, with less than 70 dB (excluding soundproofing), it is discreet in your workshop.

Economical, less than 1 KW of installed power and the possibility of discharging air in the workshop.

Adaptability, to further improve its use, options are available.


Grinding, sanding, welding and other hot cutting.

Any solid material, even those presenting an ATEX risk.



  • Personalised painting
  • Modular lighting by 35W articulated lamp
  • Absolute filter H14 99.995% for indoor discharge (replaces H13).
  • Adaptation for external discharge.
  • ATEX certification (LCIE) for use outside risk areas.
  • ATEX certification (LCIE) for use in hazardous areas (remote control unit)
  • Particle probe.
  • Other adaptations on study.

All of our products are customisable and/or scalable according to your needs and technical constraints. Contact us on (+33)05 49 50 41 91 or via our contact form. Together, we'll find a solution. 



The STIVENT Mobile Filter Unit removes particles from the operator thanks to the integration of a suction fan. The possibility of adding an inclined suction arm allows it the capture as close as possible to the source of emission.

The dust is then collected by the bag filter placed directly after suction. 

The purified air comes out of these filters to be exhausted either outside or through a HEPA H13 filter (optional). 

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