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“CP1M” Paint booth


Because all operations do not always take place in a workshop and the preservation of the operators’ health is not only a condition of place, STIVENT INDUSTRIE has developed the paint booth “CP1M”, a mobile and versatile pigment capture system. 

Intended for small retouching or gluing works on space-saving parts, this booth is ideal for the suction of volatile pigments produced by spraying paint, varnish, neoprene glue and other liquid substances. 

The “CP1M” will accompany you on your indoor construction sites and will ensure the safety of operators even outside your workshop

The CP1M is therefore a spray booth for sites or very specific applications. This product is ideal for artisan workshops, it also allows forced ventilation of the work room.

Caution: if the sprayed products are V.O.C. (volatile organic compound), it will be necessary to provide an activated carbon filtration or a flexible pipe for outdoor discharge.


The “CP1M” mobile booth offers a suction area of 1 m².

The work area is located closest to the filter for more efficiency. The aerosol that forms during spraying is transported by an air stream to the pleated cardboards. In this way the pigments suspended in the air are sucked up and captured by the cardboard and the filter medium. 


The core of the booth is made up of:

  • An Atex ExIIG 1.1 kW-4P-50 Hz centrifugal fan
  • A starter with thermal circuit breaker 
  • A 1 m² cardboard/fibreglass filter


  • 230 Volts for non-ATEX version

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