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Airbrush paint booth


In the industrial sector, the application of liquid products presents risks of fire, explosion and chronic or acute intoxication.

We offer a range of products designed to suck up efficiently VOC and solvents, in compliance with standards and with an optimised discretion noise level.

The airbrush paint booth is one of the solutions proposed to protect the operator and his environment. 

It is used for the suction and spraying of products such as paint, varnish, glue, liquid food, etc.   

A vacuum zone is created inside the booth thanks to a fan. The aerosol that forms during spraying is transported by an air stream to the pleated cardboards. 

As a manufacturer with a design office, STIVENT INDUSTRIE is able to modify its catalogue of standard products by adapting it to your specific requests and problems: INOX version, compatible for food, discharge to the workshop, etc.

Caution: the aerosols generated by spraying being slowed down by pleated cardboard filters, it is recommended to choose an external discharge, ideally after a treatment of the solvents.


The airbrush paint booth has a work surface for small paint jobs.

To offer greater optimisation, each booth is modular and composed of two elements:


The core of the booth is made up of:

  • An ATEX fan
  • A frequency converter to optimise the suction performance to combine capture efficiency and energy efficiency
  • A pleated cardboard and fibreglass filter
  • Operating speed servo-control with a spray gun support


Some options

  • Lighting for greater user comfort
  • Servo-control of compressed air to the fan
  • Rotating plate
  • Custom developments


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